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3 Different Ways to Make a Delicious Smoothie

There are literally hundreds of ways to prepare a smoothie especially considering all the different combinations you can choose. Here are three methods to preparing smoothies that will give you very different results. Choose one that suits your needs and/or preferences and don't be afraid to experiment!

The Thick Smoothie

To create a rich and thick consistency to your smoothie you need a thickener. Bananas are great for this as are additions like yogurt or even oats. To create a thick and sweet smoothie add yogurt, a small amount of milk and your favourite fruit. You can add banana, strawberries, blueberries you name it! Blend it up in a blender and you have a thick creamy smoothie. If you want it super thick forego the milk and just use the yogurt.

The Thin Smoothie

When I say a thin smoothie, I mean one that is more liquid and not as thick. This smoothie is more like a drink than a milkshake. Smoothies made with fruit Juice, milk or ice cubes will have a thinner consistency. Eliminate the yogurt and/or bananas as they will tend to thicken the drink.

The Green Smoothie

Hide your greens in a smoothie! This is the ultimate way to get greens into your diet especially if you don't particularly like them. There is fruit in a green smoothie and it will overpower the taste of whatever green you put in it. Although it does come out looking quite green or sometimes a muddy colour. I know this doesn't sound very appetizing but you would be surprised at the taste. This is a great way to get the kids to eat their greens! The most commonly used greens are kale and spinach. These greens are very rich in nutrients but do not have an overpowering taste in a smoothie.

Smoothies are so versatile and healthy. They are a wonderful way to ensure that you get the nutrients you need as well as maintain a consistent body weight or even lose weight. There are so many different ways to prepare smoothies and it all really depends on your personal preference. The best thing to do is experiment with your favourite fruits and/or vegetables.

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