Christmas Clear Glass Hurricance Candle Holders
The origin hurricane candle holder as it was known as hurricane lamp .Oil was used to light up the flame and a tall transparent glass chimney was use to protect the flame from being blown off by the wind.

Now hurricane candle holder are more for decor purpose where they are usually place as centerpiece or for wedding
and other occasions.

The only thing that you have to keep replacing the candles when it finish burning.

It depends whether you want the feeling of the real candle burning scent and it's lit up and glow and give you the cozy atmosphere ambiance.

There is another option you're looking on the safety side that is the non real fire candle holder set and it can create the sense of the real fire like.

Instead of the wax candles these candle holders set used batteries and it flicker too. The best thing is you need not to worry about forgetting to blow off the candle when you go to bed.

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Video for hurricane candle holder decoration!

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